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Zillicoah Beer Company Asheville

Zillicoah Beer Company

‘Mother Vine’ Mixed Culture Saison Ale – Made with wild grapes, NC Barley, NC Oats, NC Rye, NC Wheat, and Celeia Hops. Open fermented, mixed culture, barrel-aged 12 months. – 6.7% ABV

PIRULIM Tripping Animals Craft Beer

Tripping Animals Brewing

‘Pirulim’ Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout – Imperial Stout aged 21 months in 8 years Elijah Craig Barrels conditioned with cacao nibs and Madagascar vanilla. – 13% ABV

Kings County Brewers Collective Craft Beer Brooklyn

Kings County Brewers Collective

‘Beaky Blinders’ Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA – Citra, Luminosa, & Strata hops. Barley, Oats, & Wheat. – 7.2% ABV

Burial Death and the Miser Craft Beer

Burial Beer Co.

‘Death and the Miser’ – This is the 2023 version of Burial’s wine barrel-aged sour red ale with Balaton and Montmorency cherries. – 8% ABV

Cider Non-Alcoholic

Original Sin ‘White Widow’ Non-Alcoholic Cider

Original Sin’s  ‘White Widow’ is a blackberry cider made with 25% fruit juice, monk fruit (as a natural sweetener), and apple cider vinegar. This low-calorie drink is full of flavor and has the perfect balance of tart and sweet.

Tennessee Brewing Works

Tennessee Brew Works ‘Wildwood Flower’ Belgian-style Honey Blonde 

Tennessee Brew Works out of Nashville is releasing its highly regarded Belgian-style Honey Blonde seasonal beer, Wildwood Flower®. This annual beer is a classic Belgian-style blonde, brewed with locally sourced barley and honey. It has an ABV 6.8%, IBU 22. Wildwood Flower has Belgian Abbey yeast that provides spicy and complex aromatics. This is commingled with a delicious blend of locally sourced wildflower and sourwood honey from their friends at Strange Honey Farms in Del Rio, Tennessee. The local malted barley from Willis Farms in Hillsboro, Tennessee adds unique malt sweetness and compliments the other flavors and aromatics of the beer. All of these elements and more give Wildwood Flower a true ‘from Tennessee’ flavor that resonates with Tennessee Brew Works’ locality and community.


Avery Brewing Co. ‘Hop Freaks’ IPA series

Avery Brewing Co. is continuing to push boundaries in the limitless world of craft beer by launching a new series of IPAs, the ‘Hop Freaks Exploration Series’. As the first brewery to package an “India Pale Ale” in Colorado, Avery Brewing Co. has a nearly 30 love for all things hops.  Joining the company’s core lineup are two IPAs: Clear Horizons and Nomadic Dreamer, with additional releases planned for later in the year. “Back when we developed Avery IPA in 1996, the India Pale Ale beer style was typically too bitter for many craft beer lovers. Times have certainly changed, and for the better!” said Adam Avery, Founder of Avery Brewing Company. “Using our new pilot system, we were able to experiment with new styles, unique hops, different yeast strains, and innovative brewing techniques to develop IPAs that are unlike any that we’ve brewed before.”

Intracoastal Brewing Company – Two New IPA’s IPA

First, we must say, the art by Ian Soden on these two cans is absolutely amazing! Side by side they tell the complete story of these two new IPA’s by Intracoastal Brewing Company.
The Old Man (8.5% ABV)
Hazy IIPA with Amarillo, Mosaic & HBC 586 hops (Citrus, light tropical, & piney notes). Fermented with Kviek yeast at warmer temperatures for a hazy, but crisp finish.
The Sea- (9.8% ABV)
Hazy/Juicy IIIPA loaded with Citra, Nelson & Azacca hops (Tropical fruit/danky notes) with a pillowy soft mouthfeel. Dangerously drinkable for a high ABV.

For more information visit INTRACOASTAL BREWING COMPANY

For more information on artist Ian Soden, watch the Crafted conversation with him HERE, or visit HIS WEBSITE

Great Notion ‘Double Peaches and Cream Shake’ – Fruited Sour – 9% ABV

Concept: Double Peaches and Cream Shake is back again. This is the only stone fruit brand in our Shake family of beers. With all of the extreme weather and wildfires last year, it became difficult to source enough berries to use in our shake beers, so we had to try some new fruits. Peaches were available and worked out nicely in this beer, so we decided to bring it back. Our double shake sour beers use a lot of fruit to create a very full body and add a nice sweetness to balance out the acidity. Another reason we use so much fruit for this beer is we need the extra sugar to get the ABV up to 9%. The malts that help create the sugars in this strong brew are Pilsner malt and wheat. After we boil the wort from the mash, we add some Mosaic hops in the whirlpool to add some fruity aroma in the beer. After the sour fermentation is over, we add a lot more peach purée and vanilla.

For more information visit GREAT NOTION

Bowigens ‘Cardinal Coast’ Collab with Hourglass Brewing – 10% ABV

Imperial West Coast IPA w/ Dragon, Wolf and Cardinal hops


Released as part of Hop Fest on July 30th. Only available directly in both Bowigens’ Central Florida taprooms. For more info. CLICK HERE

Bowigens ‘All Barker, No Bite’ – Collab with Royal Palm Brewing- 6.1% ABV

New Zealand Hazy IPA w/ Nelson Sauvin, Moutere and Wai-iti hops

Released as part of Hop Fest on July 30th. Only available directly in both Bowigens’ Central Florida taprooms. For more info. CLICK HERE

Bowigens ‘TrikeCeraHops’ – Collab with Half Barrel Beer Project- 7% ABV

Hazy IPA w/ Cashmere, Sabro and Idaho 7

Released as part of Hop Fest on July 30th. Only available directly in both Bowigens’ Central Florida taprooms. For more info. CLICK HERE

Bowigens ‘Goblin Swill’ – Collab with Tactical Brewing– 6.8% ABV

Fruited NEIPA with HBC 586 and Bru-1 hops and Guava and Curuba

Released as part of Hop Fest on July 30th. Only available directly in both Bowigens’ Central Florida taprooms. For more info. CLICK HERE

Crafted Season 3 Collaboration Beer ‘Carolina Gold’ IPL featuring: Pilot Brewing, Salud Cerveceria, Divine Barrel, and Wooden Robot. Ingredients are provided by Jasper Yeast, Epiphany Craft Malt, and Carolina Malt House. – 5.5% ABV

A crisp, clean, IPL from four of the best breweries the Queen City has to offer.


Available directly online from BEVANA

Watch season 3 of Crafted HERE.


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Guide To Beer Food Pairing Charlotte

Guide to Beer Food Pairing Charlotte, NC With Pilot Brewing Company by Rachael Hudson, Advanced Cicerone®, Co-Owner/Head Brewer, Pilot Brewing Co., Co-Host False Bottomed Girls Podcast GUIDE

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