oysters beer food pairing
Oysters from The Osprey Seafood & Spirits photo credit Good Salt Restaurant Group

Guide to Beer Food Pairing Orlando, FL
with Tactical Brewing

by Craig Chapman and Bobby Bowen (Bowigens Beer Company)

Craft beer is great, but pairing it with an amazing dish elevates the experience tenfold. It’s always about the beer and food pairing for us. Finding great beers to pair with great food is a life-long learning process that’s best enjoyed with friends and family. Getting perfect beer food pairing recommendations from other people is key, so we decided to ask some of our favorite brewers, the question,  “What are some of your favorite local  places for the perfect beer food pairing?”

This guide to beer food pairing in Orlando, FL can easily be applied to your own local favorites that serve similar types of food. This series can also act as a perfect guide if you happen to be traveling to the local area featured.

Enjoy and be sure to share your favorite beer food pairings in the comments below.

Guide to Beer Food Pairings in Orlando, FL by Doug Meyer from Tactical Brewing Co.

*Tactical Beer Co. – 4882 New Broad Street, Orlando, FL 32814 (tacticalbeer.com)

pho sho

Viet-Nomz – 3 Locations in Central Florida (vietnomzfl.com)

DISH: A customized pho from Viet-Nomz 

BEER: Pho Sho by Tactical Beer Co. – a ‘Viet-Style’ Gose: clean kettle sour ale with Thai basil, limes, and jalapenos.

Doug from Tactical Brewing Co. says about the beer, “It shouldn’t make sense but it tastes like pho! You get all of the flavor profiles of pho in a more subtle way followed by a umami presence and almost a kind of hoisin flavor from the grain profile.”

PokeKai Burger

PokeKai at A La Cart Streetfood and Craft Beer – 609 Irvington Ave. Orlando, FL 32803 (alacartorlando.com)

DISH: a poke burger from PokeKai at A La Cart

BEER: New England IPA

A NEIPA has a soft mouth feel that goes perfectly with the rice (buns). It also has loads of fruity, tropical notes that pair well with the citrus flavors of the poke burger.

oysters beer food pairing

Oysters from The Osprey Seafood & Spirits photo credit Good Salt Restaurant Group

The Osprey Orlando – 4899 New Broad Street Orlando, FL 32814 (theospreyorlando.com)

DISH: Panacea oysters from The Osprey Orlando

BEER: Black Lager

A black lager will pair nicely with the oysters because it’s roasted, light chocolate notes stand up to and compliment the brininess of the oysters. Think salted chocolate.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Gnarly Barley – 1407 N Orange Ave  ORL, FL 32804 (thegnarlybarley.com)

DISH: fried chicken sandwich from Gnarly Barley

BEER: Light Lager

Joey Morris, Kitchen Manager and Co-Owner of Gnarly Barley says, “I think its a classic pairing. A crisp lager cuts through the heat and balances out the intense savory flavors of our deep-fried chicken sandwiches, both our OG version and the Biggie’s Bomb Mi, a deep-fried orange chicken/banh mi hybrid.”


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