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In this episode of The Makers, Celine from Valhalla Bakery and Bobby from Bowigens Beer Company combust their specialty ‘maker’ skills to bring you The Makers Smooth Velvet, an Imperial Mocha Red Velvet Ale inspired by Valhalla Bakery’s vegan red velvet cake.


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Smooth Velvet – Imperial Mocha Red Velvet Ale Cake in a glass. Inspired by the phenomenal Red Velvet cake from Valhalla Bakery, this beer is brewed with a crafted blend of base malts, wheat and oats from Riverbend Malt House. It is then aged on copious amounts of Madagascar vanilla beans, chocolate, and freshly roasted local coffee beans. This Imperial Red Ale is deliciously smooth with a perfect balance of flavors, and the best part is, it’s dairy-free!

The Makers Smooth Velvet Additional Maker Information

Bowigens Beer Company

Bowigens Beer Company is an American craft brewery located in Casselberry FL. We specialize in creative, innovative, and full-flavored beers. Started in 2015 as one of Central Florida’s first craft breweries Bowigens Beer Company has also been one of the most award-winning in that time frame with multiple awards at the US Beer Open Championship, GABF, Best Of Craft Beer Awards and Best Florida Beer.

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