India Pale Ale IPA

India Pale Ale IPA
'Pelican Nightmares' - IPA from Alestone Brewing Co. photo by Lola Rigdon

What is an IPA?

India pale ale, or IPA, is a type of pale ale that is brewed with a higher ratio of hops to malt and is typically characterized by a strong, hoppy flavor and aroma. The name “India pale ale” comes from the fact that this style of beer was originally brewed for export to India in the 19th century, when it was a British colony. The higher hop content helped preserve the beer during its long journey to India, and the style became popular in the UK and beyond. IPAs are often amber or golden in color, and they can range in strength from 5% to 7% alcohol by volume (ABV). They are a popular choice among craft beer enthusiasts and are often described as having a bold, refreshing taste.

Some great food to pair with IPA’s are:

Spicy foods: The bitterness of the IPA can help balance out the heat in spicy dishes like buffalo wings or Thai curry.

Grilled or smoked meats: The hoppy flavor of the IPA can complement the smoky flavor of grilled or smoked meats like ribs or pulled pork.

Strong cheeses: The bold flavors of IPA can stand up to strong, pungent cheeses like blue cheese or gorgonzola.

Fried foods: The carbonation in IPA can help cut through the richness of fried foods like onion rings or chicken fingers.

Salty snacks: The hoppy bitterness of IPA can be a good match for salty snacks like pretzels or potato chips.


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