Double IPA Imperial IPA

Double IPA
'2 Million Bees' Double IPA by Hourglass Brewing photo by Lola Rigdon

What is a Double IPA or Imperial IPA?

A double IPA, also known as an imperial IPA, is a type of beer that is characterized by its high alcohol content and intense hop flavor and aroma. Double IPAs are made with a higher ratio of malt and hops than regular IPAs, which gives them a fuller body and a more intense, hoppy flavor. They are typically brewed with a blend of pale malt and a variety of hops, which contribute to the beer’s distinct aroma and flavor. Double IPAs are known for their strong, hoppy character and are often very bitter. They are generally medium- to full-bodied and have an alcohol content of 7.0-10.0% by volume or higher. Double IPAs are popular among craft beer enthusiasts who appreciate a bold, hoppy flavor and a higher alcohol content.

Some amazing foods to pair with a Double IPA or Imperial IPA are:

Spicy dishes: The bold, hoppy flavors of a Double IPA can help to balance out the heat in spicy dishes like curry, chili, or wings.

Grilled or roasted meats: The hoppy flavors of a Double IPA can also work well with the flavors of grilled or roasted meats like pork, lamb, or sausage.

Sharp, aged cheeses: The bold flavors of a Double IPA can also stand up to the sharpness of aged cheeses like cheddar or blue cheese.

Desserts: The hoppy flavors of a Double IPA can also be a good match for sweet, rich desserts like chocolate cake or caramel-flavored ice cream.

Overall, Double IPAs are a good choice to pair with bold, flavorful foods, and can work well with a variety of dishes. Just be aware that their high alcohol content may amplify the flavors of the food, so it’s best to choose pairings that can stand up to the strength of the beer.


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