Top Breweries Festival Competition

Central Florida Top Breweries Come Together for Friendly Creative Competition

Top Breweries Festival Competition

The year 2022 has officially become the year that festivals of all sorts are back in full-force: music festivals, food festivals, conferences of all sorts, and yes Beer Festivals. If you’ve been dying to see your favorite band for years now, this is the time!

This is also the time to get out and join your fellow beer lovers at a beer festival. One of those that has been missed is the Central Florida Top Brewer in the Orlando area. Central Florida Top Brewer is a beer fest unlike any other and is designed to inspire creativity in brewing, foster camaraderie amongst breweries, and bring together the community as a whole to celebrate it all. It’s a Top Breweries Festival Competition, how can you go wrong?

Bobby Bowen, Co-Founder of Bowigens Beer Company and Central Florida Top Brewer says, ”The point of Top Brewer is to showcase the talents and creativity of the brewers of Central Florida. I wanted to create a festival unlike anything that’s been done before. I also wanted to create a friendly competition that would not only push the brewers outside of their comfort zone, but It gives them a chance to create with unique ingredients and pairings they might not have had the chance, or thought of to use before. Every brewery is coming in with a beer you’ve never had.”

The participating breweries are all surprised by the ingredients they get to work with to create a unique beer for the festival (think Top Chef / Chopped for beer). Bobby explains, “Each brewery is given a malt, a hop and two specialty ingredients to work with. They can use any other ingredient they want to craft their beer as long as they use the initial four. What you get is a truly unique and one-of-a-kind experience for the festival goers and the breweries.” Glenn Closson, Co_Founder of Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co. told us about their beer for the festival, ”We are excited to be a part of Top Brewer!  Our brew team will be out there pouring our beer with Apricot and Fruity Pebbles, it will be a crowd-pleaser. It is definitely a great event and I think it helps bring the community together.” (cont. below)

“I’m honestly excited for all of the combinations, whether they seem like easy or difficult pairings, the breweries always bring it,” says Bobby. “Our approach with Bowigens is always to go big. I usually go in hoping for some harder ingredients so we can test ourselves and create something that’s never been done before!”

This year’s Top Breweries Festival Competition, their 4th year, will include beer from some 32 plus breweries listed below. Tickets include a sample cup, sticker, program, 3 bottle caps to vote for your favorite competition brews and unlimited beer sampling. No additional beer purchase required and no charge for designated drivers. Along with their competition beer, breweries will be bringing along some of their favorite and special beers to share with attendees so get your designated driver on board and come out and see what the best of Central Florida has to offer. The Festival happens rain or shine.


Sat, October 15, 2022, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

Participating Breweries

Home State Brewing

Three Odd Guys Brewing

Dees Brothers Brewing

Wolf Branch Brewing

Broken Strings Brewery

Central 28 Beer Co.

Deviant Wolfe Brewing

Ellipsis Brewing

Tactical Brewing Company

Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company

Bowigens Beer Company

Dirty Oar Beer Company

Intracoastal Brewing Company


Sanford Brewing Company

RockPit Brewing

Playalinda Brewing Company – Hardware Store

Twelve Talons

Orlando Brewing

Gatlin Hall

Playalinda Brewing Co.

Ravenous Pig

Park Pizza Brewing

Deadwords Breing

Alestone Brewing

Ivanhoe Park Brewing

Wops Hops

Beachfly Brewing

Half Barrel Project

Big Storm Brewing

Community Brewhouse

Half Wall Brewery

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