Creativity Sparks the Best Craft Beer at Dssolvr's Existential Taproom | Crafted

Season 2 episode 3 of Crafted features Dssolvr. For more info. on the Crafted collaborative beers and series visit 

DSSOLVR sticks to their ‘brewed until surreal’ ethos across the board with their brewery. Their experimental, art forward, creative, and community-focused approach can be tasted in their brews, seen in their marketing, and felt in their taproom. DSSOLVR never gets old and the most refreshing thing about them is you can feel their love of it all as they tell us their story. 

Crafted celebrates the vast variety and stories of craft breweries around the country and brings a taste of their beers to your front door. 

Each season features the stories of four different breweries who then come together to create a collaborative beer release that you can acquire directly from Crafted ( ) or at the breweries when each beer is released. 

Join the brewers. Hear their stories. Feel their inspiration. Try their beer. Drink the Best Craft Beer. 




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